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By s160562v, Dec 6 2017 04:34PM

Last month I attended two courses to further my knowledge and training from fellow professionals.

I successfully passed both and I am now authorised by Sonax to apply there CC36 ceramic coating,.and also i am approved by Autobrite Direct on there official valeting amd detailing program.

By s160562v, Apr 27 2016 08:22PM

I am now pretty much back working full time, there are still a few things i find difficult but if you would like to give me a call to discuss your requirements i will do my best to help.

By s160562v, Mar 7 2016 03:07PM

As of the 14-03-16 I will be relauching Superior Valeting, it may only be on a part time basis at first but as I progress I hope to get back to valeting full time.

Please call with any requirements you may have and I will do my best to help.

By s160562v, Jan 5 2016 05:04PM

I thought I would give a update on my latest condition after my accident in August 2014 due to a fall while working and breaking my hip, I had a operation where they screwed it back together the next day and then spent over three months hopping on one leg this was then followed by physio trying to rebuild the strenght in my leg due to muscle wastage. After many months of physio and even attending my local gym I was still in a lot of pain and had restricted movement so after seeing my consultant I had another operation in August 2015 in which they replaced my hip.

Its now 2016 and I'm still having problems due to having two operations in the same place and muscle wastage, once again I am now back at physio and back in the gym.

Wish me luck as I do want to restart Superior Valeting again and get back to seeing my customers old and new!

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