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Clio Sport Detail

Here we have a Clio sport that came to us looking in quite good condition, it was only on closer inspection that we realised it had really bad paint damage from an automatic car wash's brushes that must have been covered in grit resulting in very deep scratches all over!
before shots.

Renault Clio 006
Renault Clio 002

So on with the washing stage out came the snowfoam,TFR,APC,Zymol and we gave it a good clean including wheel arches using TFR and APC to strip old wax and polishes.


As you can see very bad swirls and deep scratches. We masked off a test patch and went from a light cut to the harshest compound we have we settled with the harshest as it was so bad it took quite a few passes with it to get any real correction and even then it was not 100% we decided that on this occasion it would be best to leave some defects rather than making the paint too thin. So we got on with the rest of the car the bonnet and roof were considerably bad here is a 50/50 shot so you can see the level of correction.


Also a before and after shot of the bootlid.


After polishing was finished the three stage wax and sealant was applied and all trim etc dressed including arches and tyres.

This cetainly was a real challenge we were unhappy that a 100% correction was not achieved but it is beter to sometimes leave the really bad defects in order to keep a nice thick clear coat as thinner paint will scratch and chip easier in the future the car still looked really good and once out into sunlight most of the defects wont show as our lights are designed to pick them up and is more intense than sunlight.

Here are the after shots.

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