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Saab Full Detail


Here we have a full detail we carried out on a Saab 9000 turbo

I picked up this Saab through a friend who after having a few scrapes and knocks repainted wanted the rest of the car to match the new paint. the old paint was looking very tired so i got to work.

Started off with a snow foam to try and remove as much surface grime i could before the hand wash.

So wheels cleaned, inner arches cleaned and the body hand washed so onto the claying!

Well after a quick assesment after washing paint felt very rough so i knew it was gonna be a bad one but i wasnt expecting this.


That was just a square foot of the roof and below is the bottom of one door.


After cleaning up the bottoms of the doors with T&G i carried on and clayed the whole car it was very rough in places, the roof as u could see was particularly bad!

So after a complete wipe down to remove clay residue i took a few snaps of the paintwork to show you what i was dealing with.


As you can clearly see very heavy swirling and holograms also loads of deep swirls and a lifetime of automatic car wash damage!

So out came the machine polisher i decided to attack it with quite a high cut as some of the deeper swirls were struggling to be corrected using finer cuts. polished whole car as even the new paint had buffer trails from the bodyshop.
I then proceded to change to a softer pad and start working a finishing polish over to remove light swirls and dullness that the heavier compound left behind, even after a few passes you could see an almost flawless finish with all the defects removed.
After completing the rest of the car with the finishing compound a glaze was applied to prep the paint for the sealant and wax.
All wheels were sealed, tyres and trim dressed, all glass prepped and rain repellant applied

Was very satisfying to see the finish at the end im sure you will agree it looks fantastic!!


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