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Two Impreza's Winter Detail

Had the first customers today of the winter offer two lovely blob eye Impreza's in wr blue both are very well loved cars.

initial assessment was that both cars paint was in very good condition with only light swirling and a few light scratches.

So we begun with a snowfoam and rinse also treating the inner arches and mudflaps with some APC, then proceeded to snowfaom again this time hand washing and brushing wheels and inner arches.

Here are a few pics of the cars before and during the cleansing

Subaru Impreza 003

Once all the washing was done we assessed the paint again this time by feel, paint felt very smooth and has been well looked after although there was alot of tar spots even on the roof! some T&G was applied and left too dwell then wiped off ready for claying.

Even tho the paint felt very smooth and quite contaminant free we were shocked too see this on the clay bar.

The first pic is of half of one roof followed by a pic of one door and the roof and door on the other car.

Subaru Impreza 006

Very suprised how much bonded contaminants were on the cars as i said they felt very smooth

So all tar was removed as well as contaminants and we were left with glass like paint ready for polishing

We decided to go with a medium cut using fairly hard pads as it was correcting the paint quickly and effectively, once we had taped off all the trim we set about both cars with the machines

Once we were happy with the finish we moved onto the glaze to clean and prep the paint for its protective coats

Two layers of sealent were applied to the bodywork and wheels and left to cure for 20 mins per coat, then a final layer of high temp sealant was added to give it great protection for the winter months and also make future cleaning easier

After all the paint was buffed, glass was clensed and a coat of rain repellant and protector was added, all the inner arches were dressed and protected, tyres dressed also any exterior plastics and finally the exhausts were polished inside and out

Here are the results

Subaru Impreza 009
Subaru Impreza 011

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